Custom audio for apps + games

May 10, 2016


Update 1 April 2013 The Handsound Showreel 2013 Featuring a sneak preview of some games currently in production and soon to be released. All audio, music, sound design and voice over by Handsound, copyright 2013

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May 9, 2016

Land Sliders

All dreams are fulfilled in Land Sliders, an addictive casual game with wild characters swiping their favorite swag for high score and glory! With over 3 MILLION players worldwide, this is an adventure you shouldn’t miss! “I think Land Sliders is the new Crossy Road.” – @Jennorocks “I should get an iPhone. And it’s because […]

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July 16, 2013

Chords in Keys

Developer: private Platform: iOS Available at the itunes store: http://tinyurl.com/ogv2qrz All audio by Handsound We designed all of the guitar sounds for this great little guitar theory app. Chords in Keys is a pocket companion for guitarists of all levels, giving dial up sounds for any Major key and it’s modes, this is a must […]

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March 30, 2013


COMING SOON!! From Fastermind Games http://www.fastermind.net/   All audio by Handsound Music, Sound Design Icebound is a dark fantasy visual novel that takes place in a world locked in the depths of an ice age.  It features quality illustrations, a non-linear plot with multiple endings and puzzle game elements in the form of a portable […]

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March 29, 2013

Deep Relax

From App Camelot All audio by Handsound Music, Sound Design “Relax, sleep and meditate on a deeper level with Deep Relax for iPhone & iPad. Create your own unique relaxing melodies.” Available now at the app store. http://tinyurl.com/nvrmfou I produced all custom sounds for App Camelots’ Deep Relax and is now one of their most […]

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February 25, 2013

Kongy Bird Rider

Kongy Bird Rider is the first in a series of ‘Kongy’ themed games we have been working on for Jelly Games in the UK. Kongy Bird Rider is inspired by the cult classic Flappy Bird game play but with high quality graphics and audio. Join Kongy the monkey as he climbs onto his bird and […]

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January 18, 2013


Track over 40 different areas of your health and fitness, from the things we often ignore like water and alcohol intake, to your favourites such as steps & sit ups.

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January 11, 2013

Vita & Mint

from App Camelot All audio by Handsound Music, Sound Design, SFX, Voice Over. Enter the world of Vita & Mint! Where your kids will learn about nutrition and health while they are having fun! FEATURES • Beautiful illustrations • Great sounding narration • Story written by professional nutritionists • Interactive educational games • Storybook with […]

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Recycle HD

Recycle HD is an app for everyone who wants to be Earth smart. Why should you buy in bulk? Is styrofoam packaging good and how did we package fragile items before them? What are the Plastic Identification Codes and why are they important? What is vermiculture? How are batteries recycled? What are upcycling and refurbishing? […]

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Axis Mundi

from Surface Studios All audio by Handsound Music, sound design, SFX, voice over. “Axis Mundi was accepted as one of the Top 9 Independent Games in 2009 by the GDAA Independent Game Awards for Australia / Pacific region.” As a small beacon of hope for your tribe’s survival, you must defend the oasis from hordes […]

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November 23, 2012

Detective Spotty

by Crazy Appy All audio by Handsound Music, sound design, SFX, voice over. Detective Spotty is a spot-the-difference game which is free for all! Spotty, the ever-reliable K-9 detective, is travelling around the world to spot differences in different cities!

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October 7, 2012

Monkey Mini Golf

By Ignition Studios All Audio by Handsound Music, sound design, SFX, character voices and design. Put your ingenious mind to the test with mini golf madness! Putt the ball through tropical island mayhem, with a range of unique and interesting beach is land course designs. Use your cunning to figure out intricate routes and collect […]

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By Lindy Lou All audio by handsound Music, Sound Design, SFX, Voice Over, Mix and Master Not an App but we thought you might enjoy this anyway from talented animator Lindy Lou. It isn’t easy being a Monster. Cthulhu knows that for certain. He lives in Magic Land, where the Beautiful creatures reign, and the […]

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By Håvard Forland Isaksen All audio by Handsound Music, Sound Design, SFX, voice over, edit/mix/master Voice Over artist Alex Harding Not an app but a hilarious animation we think you will enjoy by Håvard Forland Isaksen. A boy gets excited over a package he received. It is an unidentified spray can. The boy runs joyfully […]

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September 25, 2012

Green Cloud Smasher

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September 4, 2012

Ape Raiders

Here is a sample of Ape Raiders a game that is currently in development from Ape Ninja Studios.

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July 19, 2011

Math Planet

From App Camelot Platform: iOS Available in the app store All audio by Handsound Some futuristic space beats for App Camelots’ Math Planet a game that’s fun a gets your brain ticking!

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