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February 25, 2013

Kongy Bird Rider

Kong Bird Rider
Kongy Bird Rider is the first in a series of ‘Kongy’ themed games we have been working on for Jelly Games in the UK. Kongy Bird Rider is inspired by the cult classic Flappy Bird game play but with high quality graphics and audio.

Join Kongy the monkey as he climbs onto his bird and takes to the skies, to enter a magical world of fun-filled adventure. Fly by day and then negotiate the challenges of night-time, snow and rain as you face increasingly difficult, moving pipes and more. Kongy Bird Rider is the debut release of Jelly Games, and we’re very pleased to reveal it to the world.
Take control as you weave your way through obstacles, avoiding perilous pitfalls on your way to victory. Time your taps to avoid the obstacles… watch out as some of them move! Need a boost? Power up to give Kongy a special shield, jetpack, and other powers! Command Kongy’s bird route as you make your way through increasingly difficult challenges and watch your scores soar!
Master your high score and as you combat the obstacles to become a Kongy Bird Rider champion. Compete against your friends and share your scores on Facebook to race your way to the top. Bringing addictive gameplay to the palm of your hand, you won’t be able to put Kongy Bird Rider down!