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January 11, 2013

Recycle HD

Recycle HD is an app for everyone who wants to be Earth smart.

Why should you buy in bulk? Is styrofoam packaging good and how did we package fragile items before them? What are the Plastic Identification Codes and why are they important? What is vermiculture? How are batteries recycled? What are upcycling and refurbishing?

Photos and videos supplement the content and cover various topics around Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The Did You Know section has interesting facts about the 3Rs, facts that will make you go “WOW”.

The text to speech feature allows each section of the text to be narrated.

The visual matching game reinforces concepts learnt in the app.

The quiz is based on Bloom’s taxonomy and is designed to test not only remembering and understanding but also applying, evaluating, and analyzing the concepts.

The content correlates to Common Core Science Standards in the USA.

– Curated photos and videos with descriptive text with free periodic refresh of photos and videos.

– Did You Know section with WOW facts about each topic.

– Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy to test knowledge about the various topics.

– Fun, matching game refreshed periodically with new content.